Hydration Facial

Treat your skin to our hydrating Facial using Dermaesthetics skin care line. Great for those with dry or sensitive skin. Includes Cleansing, Exfoliation, Toner, Serum specific for your skins needs, Cellular hydration Mask and finished off with a richly nourishing Antioxidant cream. .



Teen Facial

Using Dermaesthetics skin care line we have designed this facial specifically for Teenage delicate skin. We can customize this facial to suit your skins specific needs. Includes Cleansing, Exfoliation, toner, and Hydration Mask.

50 min


Anti Aging Facial

Designed for Mature skin. Helps treat Dark spots, hyperpigmentation, Fine lines and wrinkles. Encourages the production of collagen  and infuses the skin with antioxidants. Hyaluronic Acid retains the natural hydration in the skin leaving it energized and hydrated.  

60 min


Purifiy Facial

Designed to help treat Acne prone skin. Includes a Deep cleansing, Exfoliation, Toner, Purifying Sulfur Mask to help detoxifying and deep clean the pores, and finished off with a Skin Balancing Lotion completer with Alor Vera to provide light hydration and Vitamin C to leave your skin infused with antioxidants.

60 min


Sensitive Skin Facial

Using Riversols Skin Care line we have created this facial especially for Sensitive Skin. Complete with a Cleansing, Exfoliation, Hydra 02 Toner, Triple Vitamin Serum, Hydration mask and Moisturizing cream. 

60 min


Back Facial

Treat your back to a full Exfoliation & Cleansing followed using steam to help open the pore and extractions to help clean out clogged pores and blackheads. Finish off with a balancing Serum.



All SERUMS can be added on to any facial:


$15 upgrade.

DNA Matrix



Natural Peels

Pumpkin Peel

Dermaesthetics Pumpkin Peel is a natural Enzyme Peel that aids the skin in resurfacing, smooths fine lines, and encourages cellular turnover. Created with natural Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, White Willow Bark, and many vital nutrients, this Pumpkin Peel is perfect for any skin type. Great for sensitive, oily, or dry skin! Gentle resurfacing of the skin reveals a brighter, smoother and firmer appearance! 

60 min


Purification Peel

The Purification Peel by Dermaesthtics is designed to treat Acne prone skin. It delivers a refreshed and purified skin to those in need of  additional resurfacing due to acne and congestion of the skin.It helps kill the bacteria responsible for acne and helps clear away whiteheads, blackheads and other blemishes. A PowerBlended formula of natural Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids promote healing. This peel provides a corrective and clinical strength solution for Acne prone skin.

60 min


Ageless Peel

This Dermaesthetics Ageless Peel is designed for Mature skin to help turn back time! This Peel helps to repair aging skin and help bring it back to a refreshed and rejuvenated state. DBH Ageless Peel has an effective formula that balances the skin with natural revitalizing extracts and both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids to firm and smooth aging skin.

60 min


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